If you are using WordPress and also use Google Analytics you’ll want to manage how the two communicate.

You can hard code Google Analytics code into your website but a better option is to use a WordPress plugin.

The WordPress plugin we recommend for this is Google Analytics Dashboard for WP from Alin Marcu.

It works great and meets the criteria for a good WordPress plugin with 1+ million installs and 240+ 5 STAR ratings.

One of the features we like most about this plugin is the ease at which you can eliminate yourself as counted traffic when working on your website.

To use this plugin you’ll need:

  1. Google Analytics account
  2. WordPress
  3. The plugin
  4. 15 minutes to install and configure

Once installed, you’ll find the plugin setup and settings easy to follow.

The only somewhat tricky part is the “authentication” with Google. Simply follow the directions to get your “key” code. Voila!

For more details FOLLOW THIS LINK.

If you have any trouble open a HELP DESK TICKET and we’ll be glad to help get this properly configured at your WordPress website.


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