WordPress makes it easier to manage your website – if your website is built using WordPress.

It’s certainly easier managing a WordPress website than managing a site built in HTML (i.e. Dreamweaver).

There are a lot of other advantages, including using “plug-ins” for added features, functionality, and management of your site.

But keep in mind the following:

  • Plugins should be used sparingly. They can cause too much overhead and slow down your site
  • Plugins may conflict with each other creating problems at your site
  • Only use plugins from reliable sources (check reviews and the number of reviews)
  • Use plugins recommended by trusted sources who probably have already tried them and use them successfully.
  • You can always disable/delete a problem plugin via your hosting server using FTP
  • Keep your WordPress software up-to-date to avoid problems with security and performance
  • Back-up your WordPress site regularly

Here is a list of my favorite “use-on-almost-all-websites” WordPress plug-ins.

Print Friendly
Give visitors the ability to print clean, well-formatted pages at your site.

Peter’s Post Notes
Allows you to put administrative notes, reminders, or snippets of code specific to each post or page.

Google XML Sitemaps
Must have for good SEO, easily creates Google-friendly sitemap.

Google Analytics for WordPress
Easily add Google Analytics to your WordPress site.

Wordfence Security
Powerful security tools to minimize the likelihood of a site hack.

Back-up Buddy
Not free but more than worth the price; back-up your complete site.

The All-in-One SEO Pack
A powerful plug-in to help with search engine optimization of your site.

WordPress Caching
Speed up your page load times, a must-have if you are using lots of photos.

Duplicate Post
Save time; allows you to duplicate pages and posts easily.

Post Footer
Add content that shows up “automatically” at the bottom of all your posts and pages.

Easy Heads Up Bar
Creates a customizable message area at the top of your WordPress site.

Not necessarily my “favorites” but WordPress plug-ins I sometimes use or have used in the past:

Google Analyticator

Places Google Analytics overview in your WordPress Dashboard. Very cool and saves you logging into Google Analytics to see summary information from yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days.

Bulk Comment Management

There are dozens of bulk comment managers out there. This is the one I use. This plugin allows administrators to globally delete comments (spam, trash, unapproved comments), as well as enable/disable comments on all posts. I love the simplicity of it and you will too.

Maintenance Mode
Adds a splash page to your site that lets visitors know your site is down for maintenance. Full access to the back- & front-end is optional. Good for blocking access to the public while you build out your new WordPress site.

Popular Posts Tabbed Widget for Jetpack
Shows a tabbed widget for most popular, most commented and latest blog posts. Most popular posts tab uses data from Jetpack Stats module.

Rotating Testimonials
This one requires a little more technical skill than most of the others on my list, but it’s WAY cool and a pretty easy way to add rotating testimonials to your WordPress site.

Pinterest Related

jQuery Pin It Button For Images
Highlights images on hover and adds a Pinterest “Pin It” button over them for easy pinning.

Akismet Comment Spam Protection
Not fool-proof but works very well at fending off junk comments. For commercial accounts you are supposed to pay (most don’t).

Lots of helpful features and functionality that allows you to better manage your WordPress site.

Contact Form
Every site needs a contact form!

WordPress editing on steroids!

Make Your WordPress Blog iPhone Friendly
Transform your WordPress blog into smartphone friendly site.

Sticky Post
Allows you to “force” posts to show up first, also known as “sticky” status.

Share This
Adds links at the bottom of posts to share via email and social sites.

Random Text
Show random text that shows up in a widget. I use it at this site, see my testimonials and how they randomly change with a page refresh?

WordPress Plug-in Directory
The best place to find plug-ins with the features/functionality you are looking for!

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