A few years back I helped a local bar/restaurant with some Internet marketing, including building a small website for them.

They get a lot of inquiries because they have a rental space for parties upstairs.

They also get a lot of inquiries FROM BANDS that want to perform there. There is live entertainment 7 nights a week.

Today I saw an inquiry come in from a band. The website gets hundreds of these a year, but this one was different and I’m sure it will catch the interest of the owner.

I’ll even bet lunch (at The Rhumb Line) that they get a gig at The Rhumb Line.


Because of the WIIFM message.

WIIFM is the acronym for: What’s in it for me?

If you’re in the wedding business it’s the #1 thing on a bride’s mind – trust me!

Psychologically, it’s human nature to put WIIFM high in the decision making process.

What’s the #1 thing the owner of the bar wants when he hires a band?

That the place is packed with people who are ordering food and drinks.

And Brian Sousa, who submitted the inquiry, NAILED IT.

I expect to see Brian’s “Strangers By Accident” soon at The Rhumb Line.

Great job Brian!

Take a look at your website.

What is your WIIFM message?

What’s the ONE THING a bride must have (in her mind) if she hires you? Yes, there are other things, but what is the FIRST ONE THING?

Is your WIIFM message right up front?

Is it subtly but continuously communicated throughout your website?

When you respond to inquiries, is it included in your email message?

Are you using the same on your social media touch points?

Are you using social proof (testimonials, reviews) that CLEARLY support your WIIFM message?

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