Q: A bride and groom we recently played for offered to write an online review because they were VERY happy with the music and the help we provided with their planning. They said they would write it anywhere we wanted. Should I have  her write the review at Wedding Wire or at Google?

A: (by Chris Jaeger) Google reviews can help you get better rankings and placement on their search engine results pages (SERP). You’ve probably noticed the Google Review Carousel that is starting to show up at the top of some pages. The more reviews you have, along with other search engine optimization factors in general, the more likely you will show up in a Google Review Carousel.

I’d recommend you focus on Google Reviews. I noticed that you have 49 reviews at Wedding Wire. I think that’s plenty, at least plenty enough to start putting some effort in other places.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Wedding Wire is a powerful way to market and promote your business to your targeted audience of local brides/grooms/couples. Reviews at Wedding Wire are definitely a good thing. I think if I only saw one or two reviews for you at Wedding Wire my answer here might be different.

You also have some great reviews at Yelp!

Congratulations, it looks like you’re doing a great job and have a lot of very happy clients.

Be sure to REALLY MAKE THE EFFORT to leverage your reviews and testimonials.

Consider taking some screen captures of your reviews, both at Wedding Wire and Google, and using them at your website, in your blog, and across your social media touch-points.

I call it “social proof”  and it is THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE MARKETING you can use to get more inquiries and close more sales.

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