A “take-away” is something that a bride or groom visiting your website can download, or “take-away” from your website.

Take-aways improve conversion and lead to more sales.

Here is a 99% ready-to-use MS-Word document you can use as a take-away at  your website or even via social media. You can also take it and use it as a blog post.

Modify it for your particular company by putting your company name and contact information in the footer.

You might also add information that is specific to your business and/or category of business.

For example, one of our members added: “Book your live band early, don’t wait, the best bands and the best dates always sell-out early!”

Another member added links back to their own blog posts.

Current Version: V1 (February 17, 2016)

As updates are available they will be posted here and members will be notified via email.

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Windows user LEFT CLICK on link below and then select SAVE LINK AS

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