I’ve seen how BirdEye software works and their new advertising campaign at Facebook struck me as very misleading. Like I did, you may see it as a sponsored feed post in your Facebook feed (see below).

It claims to allow you to “Manage negative reviews.” This statement is very MISLEADING.

If you think you can sign-up for the BirdEye review management service and then remove bad reviews at Yelp!, Google, or anywhere else, you would be 100% wrong.

Additionally, they claim you will “learn how to outrank your competitors on Google.” This is also misleading, in my opinion.

If you think you can sign-up for the BirdEye service and your website will rocket to a top ranking at Google, because you are using BirdEye, your thinking would be 100% wrong.

To be fair, their service does give you some helpful tools for acquiring and “managing” (in quotes!) reviews.

Unfortunately, their misleading marketing copy is way to sketchy too for me. Proceed with caution.

If you want to get more reviews from your customers I would suggest you develop an intelligent long-term strategy to get them.

(1) Deliver an outstanding product or service. So much so that people WANT to give you a great review and will take the time to do it.

(2) Consistently ASK for them from all of your HAPPY customers.

(3) Consider a small incentive as a thank you gift to those who take the time to leave your business a review. It does take people time to do these and it’s a nice way to show your appreciation.

(4) Create a page or blog post at your website with instructions on how to leave a review at the most popular review sites. Maybe put a couple examples of real reviews on that page.

(5) Provide links on that page that people can easily click and then review your business at the most popular “review” sites. If you make it easier for people to leave reviews you’ll get more of them.

(6) Create a “Thank You for Your Business” business card with instructions on the back of it. Link to the page in #5.

(7) Think LONG TERM. If you get 5 reviews a month at the end of a year that is 60 reviews. At the end of two years, 120 reviews.

In the wedding industry the best places to get reviews would include:

  • The Knot
  • WeddingWire
  • Facebook (business page)
  • Yelp! (business profile)
  • Google (local business listing page)
  • LinkedIn (company profile)

Note: BirdEye will NOT help you manage reviews at The Knot or WeddingWire.




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