I love CONVERSION, getting brides and grooms who visit your website or social media touch points to do something that you want them to do.

Drawing attention to important marketing content is a critical part of conversion.

Today I want to recommend that you consider using highlighted quotes on your web pages – or “pull quotes.”

You know, the type you see in magazines (and here on this page)?

If your website was built using WordPress, it’s not very difficult to do with the right plugin.

The plugin I recommend, and use myself, is called “Perfect Pull Quotes.”

It requires a little more than basic WordPress management, but it’s really not difficult to figure out and use.

The Perfect Pull Quotes plugin uses WordPress shortcode that allows you to add a pull quote within your page content. The shortcode can be added manually or by selecting text in the text editor and then selecting an option (left, right, or full) from the Pullquote dropdown button after it has been installed.

This is a free plugin and you’ll find it in the WordPress plugin repository. It meets my requirements for a “give it a try” plugin:

4.7 stars out of 5
3000+ active installs
Actively updated by the developer



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