Getting a bride / groom who is visiting your website to do what you want them to do is called CONVERSION.

In most cases, the INITIAL conversion you are looking for is either (1) an inquiry via a web form or (2) phone call.

There are multiple layers of conversion, each being a “conversion point.”

They include:

  • Initial Inquiry
  • Email Follow-up (from the client)
  • Phone Call
  • Appointment
  • Sales Presentation
  • Follow-up (if necessary)
  • Deposit / Sale

Optimization of each layer is important if ultimately your goal is to book more weddings.

Use a “Take Away” to Improve Conversion

A “take away” is something someone at your website can download and take away.

Take aways should be something interesting and ideally VERY valuable to your website visitor. High-quality take aways increase sales.

If they have no perceived value people won’t download them.

A Wedding Officiant might create a take away titled: “10 Popular Readings for a Wedding Ceremony.”

A caterer might create a take away titled: “Buffet or Sit Down Dinner: Pros & Cons.”

A Wedding Planner might create a take away titled: “10 Things We’ll Do For Your (so you don’t have to on your wedding day!).”

A special limited offer may be part of your take away.

Take aways are a very powerful marketing tool.


  • Make you look like a professional
  • Support business name recognition
  • Generate higher quality leads
  • Create an initial engagement with your brand / company
  • Improve conversion (phone calls, appointments, sales)
  • Create competitive advantage

Typically, you create your take away in Microsoft Word and save it as a downloadable PDF file. Take aways don’t need to be elaborate. They should also contain your company branding and contact information.



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