Hashtags at Instagram are clickable and searchable “labels” that brides and grooms can click on to move around and find things that they are interested in.

Hashtags are a word with a # in front of it – no spaces.

The few of the most popular wedding hashtags are #wedding (73,675,034 posts), #weddingdress (7,614,241), and #weddinginspiration (4,234,043).

We have a new and continously updated list of popular wedding related hashtags for members of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals at this link:


While broad wedding related hashtags have value, equally valuable, and arguably even MORE valuable, are geo-targeted hashtags.

In other words, use city, state, and other “location” based hashtags. See example below.

Let’s say you were a wedding band that works in the Boston Massachusetts area.

While #weddingmusic #weddingband and #weddingreception may have value, using #bostonweddings,  #bostonwedding (no s), #bostonweddingbands, #capecodwedding and #massachusettswedding are hashtags more likely to reach the targeted audience you are looking for.

You might even want to jump on the coat tails of #bostonbride, a popular wedding magazine in the Boston area that uses that hashtag at Instagram.


Let’s say you are a bridal dress shop in Tampa. You might use #weddingdress and #weddinginspiration, but you’d probably also want to use #tampawedding, #tampabaywedding, #tampa, and #tampabay.

Developing an effective hashtag strategy takes time and requires some research and testing. The effort is well worth it.


If you use geo-targeted hashtags in your posts at Instagram you’ll get more:

(1) Reach into your targeted audience

(2) Overall online visibility

(3) Brand recognition

(4) Engagement

(5) Traffic to your website

If you have questions about your hashtag strategy at Instagram OPEN A HELP DESK TICKET and we’ll follow-up with you promptly.

Here’s an example of a very good Instagram post that uses broad wedding hashtags but also geo-targeted hashtags. Note 54 likes in less than 24 hours as well as multiple comments (i.e. engagement).


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