There are a lot of variables in a buying decision, but if you want to book more weddings it will help if you understand and regularly practice some basic psychology in your marketing and sales presentations.

Couples want to buy from experienced wedding professionals; it’s the biggest day of their lives and there is a risk involved if they make the wrong choice. They want a sense of security that they are making the right decision when they hire you and your company.

A key driving force behind most purchasing decisions is the fear of making a wrong decision, and then AFTER the desire to make the right decision. First impressions mean a lot, but very shortly after that your buyers are looking for “social proof,” what you’ve done for others and how you’ll do that for them. Psychologically, social proof mitigates some of the risk factor.

It you think about it, this is why online rating and review website have become so popular. If it wasn’t for reviews Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Yelp! would not be nearly as popular as they are.

Best Practices

Review your marketing and sales presentations with a focus on finding the reason hiring your company will be the right decision for a couple interested in your products and services. You probably only need 3 to 5 primary reasons, at least initially, that you must clearly define and then communicate.

Be careful about first trying to sell the “pain” associated with making the wrong decision. Selling pain is a tricky one in the wedding industry, but selling the message of “you’ll be making the right decision if you hire us” is a positive message. It will have far more initial impact and will move you closer to the sale faster.

Review how you are using social proof throughout your marketing and sales presentations, particularly at your website. Do you have recent testimonials at your website, or are they stale and dated from last year? Consider adding a page or series of blog posts that include short testimonials with “Why I Chose <your company name>.” You can see a great example of this in action at this link.

Take some of your recent reviews at Wedding Wire or The Knot, copy them, and use them at your website on an “Applause” page with other testimonials. Use the same in your sales presentations. These reviews also make great blog posts! Also post them to your social media channels.

Take one of your best testimonials and put it on the back of the business card you give to most couples. Include a link to the testimonials page at your website.

Link to the testimonials or “Applause” page at your website in your email signature.

From time to time use Facebook to post a recent testimonial and include a link to the Applause page at your website.

If you need guidance in optimizing or fine-tuning your existing marketing message download this Marketing Message Optimization Worksheet.


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