Today’s INSPIRATION comes from Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment.

If you’re an engaged couple looking for a professional DJ, and want to have a ton of fun and dance the night away at your wedding reception, you found what you’re looking for when you visit this website.

Key Factors

  • Very professional looking first impression
  • “Oh Yes” Moment: bride/grooms says “Oh yes, this is what we’re looking for.”
  • Easy to identify navigation, “Flawless Celebrations” menu label gets an A+
  • Great pictures of brides and grooms having fun and DANCING (what every couple wants!)
  • Call-to-action throughout the website: Click Here to Schedule Your Free Consultation button is GREAT!
  • “I’d love to hear about your wedding” shows he cares and looks forward to speaking with a couple
  • “The first step to celebrating your happiness is an easy…” A+
  • Uses “long page” mobile-friendly layout
  • All pages end with a highly visible call-to-action

Take out a notepad and visit:


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