infographic-01Infographics are a GREAT way to market and promote your services.

Take a look at how Boracay Island is using them.

I have never heard of Borcay Island before. Have now and it sounds like a great place to go (mental note: add to Bucket List).

OK, back to reality.

If I was doing a bridal show I’d have an infographic ready to handout.

I’d have them downloadable from my website.

Anyone who makes an online inquiry would get one automatically – even before my phone follow-up (i.e. post-inquiry-landing-page link).

There are many benefits to producing an infographic, including (but not limited to):

  • They are fun, engaging, and clever, which often creates a positive vibe associated with your brand.
  • Infographics are eye-catching and definitely have more impact than plain text.
  • People have shorter attention spans today and an infographic addresses that issue very well (if properly produced).
  • Infographics can make your company and brand more memorable.
  • Well produced infographics are often shared across the Internet and social media and can go “viral.”

You’ll find lots of interesting infographics and inspiration at the Daily Infographic.

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