Do you want to close MORE sales MORE easily?

Sure you do, who wouldn’t.

Testimonials and reviews, also known as “social proof,” are two of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing toolbox and will help you close more sales more easily.

Use them correctly and it’s like you have a 24/7/365 cheerleader squad promoting your business!

You can get social proof from your customers, reviews at Wedding Wire, reviews at Yelp!, or reviews at Google.

Use these testimonials everywhere, including;

Sales letters
Direct mail
At your website
In your blog posts
In your email newsletters
Post them to your Facebook business page
Tweet them in your Twitter feed
Create YouTube slideshows with them

Getting testimonials isn’t always easy, but I guarantee that if you REALLY FOCUS on getting more of them, and then using them effectively throughout all of your marketing assets, you’ll CLOSE MORE SALES and those sales will be EASIER to close!

SIDENOTE #1: Your social proof doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a WRITTEN testimonial. You can also use nice things people have said to you on the phone or in person!

SIDENOTE #2: Video testimonials are more powerful today than ever before and the investment you make in producing a very high-quality video will pay for itself over and over.

Take-away Questions

Do you want to close more sales more easily?
Are you proactively getting testimonials and “social proof” from your happy clients?
How are you actually using them once you have them?
Do you have a high-quality, professionally produced marketing video? If not, get one ASAP!

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