Get better results from your social media marketing by using these ten Social Media Best Practices!

(1) Make a commitment to “amp up” your social media marketing. Doing it correctly will give you a much more favorable ROI. Posting 3 to 5 times a week creates the best results. Post daily if you can.

(2) Create a 90 day strategy and content plan. If 90 days is too overwhelming, start with a 30 day plan!

(3) Create and post high quality and interesting information that your target audience will say “Wow, that’s great!”

(4) Focus on “engagement” with your audience and then driving traffic to your website or other contact points. Engagement includes getting LIKES, COMMENTS, and SHARES.

(5) Measure everything using Facebook Insights, Instagram analytics, and Google Analytics.

(6) Use high-quality large graphics (bigger than 700 pixels wide).

(7) Use “social proof.” Testimonials, reviews, awards, and membership in Professional Associations.

(8) Always use Facebook Marketing Best Practices to avoid wasting time and effort.

(9) Don’t forget to link back to your website in the majority of your posts, either to your home page, a sub-page (i.e. FAQ, photo gallery, About page, etc.), or directly to your contact page.

(10) Don’t forget to put your phone number in the majority of your posts! Contrary to what everyone is saying, millennials do use their phones.

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