How would you like to get your website TOP RANKED at GOOGLE this year?

Are you frustrated seeing your competition, but not you, top ranked on page one at Google?

Is your website currently stuck on page two, three, or even further down in the listings?

Have you spent months or years trying to get your website ranked on page one, with no success?

This course is designed to teach you the techniques you must use to get your website top ranked at Google.

It will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know and understand, including checklists for every step of the way.

RESULTS TO EXPECT: You can expect to see your website on PAGE ONE at Google in 90 to 180 days – if you apply what you learn in this course.

DIY-SEO for Wedding Business Websites Starts May 16
8:00 PM Eastern

Members Only / Call & Connect Details:

This course is exclusively for members of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals. If you are not a member follow the link provided below.

This is a 15 week course and combines:

  • LIVE Workshops (every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern, recorded for replay if you can’t make it)
  • On-Demand videos (watch them at anytime)
  • “How To” Checklists and Worksheets
  • One-on-One Coaching & Support

There are many benefits of being top ranked at Google including;

  • Competitive advantage
  • More high-quality traffic to your website
  • The “Google” “Prestige” factor
  • You’ll get more inquiries
  • You’ll book more weddings

Course Outline

Week #1 – Course overview, why SEO, why Google, understanding what Google wants,  keywords, keyword phrases, keyword phrase examples of how brides/grooms search, white hat, black hat, and a little homework that should take you about 20 minutes top! [CLICK HERE]

Week #2 – How are you currently ranking for your targeted keywords/phrases. Page title tags, description tags, how to write optimized title tags and descriptions.

Week #3 – Creating Your Keyword / Phrase Lists (5)

Week #4 – How to Use Your Keyword/Phrase Lists

Week #5 – The “Big Three” & “Google Love”

Week #6 – Website Design, Sitemaps, and Googlebot

Week #7 – Yoast SEO for WordPress

Week #8 – Writing Google-friendly Page Content

Week #9 – On-page Optimization Factors

Week #10 – Off-page Optimization Factors

Week #11 – One-on-One Coaching Sessions (no LIVE workshop this week)

Week #12 – Blogging and SEO

wedding associationWeek #13 – Advanced SEO

Week #14 – Keeping Your Top Rankings

Week #15 – Wrap Up: Ranking Reviews, Q&A, Coaching Sessions

This course if FREE for members of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals.




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