Like most people who are making a buying decision, brides and grooms only care about one thing – WIIFM (what’s in it for me).

At least initially.

I know that might sound a bit harsh, but I’m being very technical.

WIIFM is fundamentally how people make choices.

Marketing and sales really comes down to influencing choice and helping brides and grooms make the BEST choice.

Hopefully, that’s choosing YOUR COMPANY, right?

Everything about your website, and your sales presentations, should INITIALLY focus on delivering a “WIIFM message.”

Only then can you get “into the weeds” and talk about features and function.

If you’ve done what I call the “front end” well, you might not even need to discuss features and functionality in great detail, if at all.

Sure, brides and grooms “want to know the price,” but that’s not really why they buy. If your front end message is weak, sure… all brides and grooms care about is the price.

“Sure, brides and grooms “want to know the price,” but that’s not really why they buy.”

FACT: Amateur built “cheap looking” websites attract price shoppers and certainly not high-end budget brides.

If you’re a DJ, I don’t really care about your equipment. I expect that you’re a professional and have the best gear possible.

If you’re a wedding photographer I don’t care about how long it takes to Photoshop my wedding photos (i.e. “production”), I just want you to make me look great and capture everything about my wedding day and have the photographs tell the story of my wedding day.

Have you really really really wanted something, but also didn’t have the money to purchase it? But you found it (the money), didn’t you? Why?

What do most couples planning a wedding want?

** A reputable and recognized brand
** Someone they feel comfortable with personally and very comfortable working with in general
** Brides and grooms want to make the right decisions, too much is at stake
** Someone they feel they can trust
** Someone who is experienced and a professional
** Someone who has made a lot of other brides and grooms very happy (i.e. social proof)
** As much as they can get, that they want, for a fair price (i.e. value)

ACTION: Take a look at your website and your sales presentations. Are you effectively delivering the WIIFM message? If not, your ability to book more weddings can be a constant struggle of up and down spikes versus a smooth, streamlined process resulting in more consistent sales and revenue.

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