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You should also now be logged in to the association’s website and have full access.

At the top right of this page you’ll should see “Howdy, <your registered name>”

What Next?

(1) We’ll also add you to our weekly Book More Wedddings newsletter where you’ll get updates and links to member-only information and upcoming events. We send this every Monday morning.

If you don’t get your first issue please check your filtered email.

If it is not there please submit a HELP DESK ticket (link below) and we’ll help you figure it out.

(2) We’ll also add you to our Member Directory with a Google-friendly SEO inbound link to your website.

(3) You can grab your Membership Badge on this page: https://iawip.com/membership-badge/

(4) If you have any questions please visit our HELP DESK and submit a request for support. We’ll follow-up with you promptly.

The HELP DESK is available 24/7/365 for all members. If you’ve got questions or need help with something please reach out. We always follow-up promptly.

Help Desk: https://iawip.com/help-desk-is-open-24-7-365-public/

(4) Don’t forget to join our PRIVATE Facebook Group, just another way we keep our members up-to-date on what’s new for members of the association. https://www.facebook.com/groups/175787399738393/


Chris Jaeger
Founder & Executive Director
International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals (IAWIP)
(888) 496-5569


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