WordPress, once mostly considered a “blogging platform,” is now a VERY popular website development platform.

About 30% of the websites on the Internet are now using WordPress. 30% of over a billion… you do the math, it’s BIG.

That big of a number has become a huge target that gets the attention of hackers.

One easy way you can make it a bit more difficult for hackers to get into YOUR WordPress website is to “move the front door.”

The “front door” I’m talking about here is front door to your back-end WordPress administration, also known as the “Dashboard.”

Access by default is typically found at yourdomain.com/wp-admin

Moving the default admin login is a simple, easy, and effective first line of defense in keeping hackers out of your WordPress website.

The way to do this easily and quickly is with a WordPress plugin. We recommend WPS Hide Login by Remy Perona (WPServeur) and installing it should take less than 10 minutes.

You’ll find it in the WordPress repository here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wps-hide-login/

This plugin meets our BEST PRACTICES criteria for a good plugin with 100,000+ installs and a solid number of 5 STAR ratings.

Installation is straight-forward like you would expect from most good WordPress plugins.

  1. Login to WordPress as an Administrator
  2. From the Dashboard…
  3. Go to Plugins › Add New
  4. Search for WPS Hide Login by Remy Perona for WPServeur
  5. Download and activate it
  6. The page should redirect you to the settings for the plugin
  7. If not go to Dashboard > Plugins > Active Plugins
  8. Change your login URL, it’s the last option in the Settings for the plugin
  9. Write it down!
  10. You can change this new login URL location any time you want
  11. Go to: Plugins > Select WPS Hide Login from your list of plugins > Settings
  12. If you ever forget your new WordPress login location delete the plugin via your website hosting CPanel (file manager) and you’ll be back to the default administrator login location <yoursite.com>/wp-admin

Do this and your WordPress website is better protected from hackers than most WordPress websites.

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