It’s Not “IF,” It’s When

Yesterday’s trouble at Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a clear example of how even the best of the best, with lots of talented technical people and almost unlimited resources, can have issues with their websites.

If you had trouble logging into or using Hootsuite, Canva, many news media sites, many other software as a service products (SAAS) , and maybe even some of the apps you may use on your smartphone, it is likely to have been related to the Amazon Web Services issue.

If your website is a mission critical component of your business, and I’m guessing it is, then having a VERY GOOD disaster RECOVERY program in place is A MUST.

Q: Is your website an important part of your overall marketing and sales?

Q: Do you have a DR program in place?

Q: If your website was hacked with malware could you recover using a non-infected backup?

Don’t rely on your hosting company to do any of this for you, even if they say they will and they do.

I let my hosting service (Hostgator) do backups, but I also do my own backups.

If you have a webmaster, confirm with them that a good disaster recovery plan is in place.

ACTION ITEM: Talk with your webmaster or hosting company THIS WEEK and make sure you are running REGULAR COMPLETE backups of your website. If necessary, implement a backup and disaster recovery plan for your website.

If your website was built with WordPress, and you have limited technical skills and/or time to deal when disaster strikes, consider the backup and disaster recovery services from VaultPress.

If you are more technically oriented, two popular backup/recovery WordPress plugins that I’ve used, and can recommend without hesitation, are Backup Buddy and UpDraft.

Here are the links.



Backup Buddy

How often should you run backups?

I recommend that you backup your website weekly and keep ten rolling weekly backups available, in addition ten first of the month monthly backups.

If you are a member of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals and need help with your backup and disaster recovery program open a HELP DESK TICKET for support.



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