2016-09-10_10-06-06What is a “landing page?”

Actually, you are on a landing page right now.

A landing page is simply a specific page at a website that you intentionally send someone to.

Often it is not a page that can be found easily at your website, if at all.

In this case, you probably came from a Facebook link.

You are about to experience a LIVE demonstration and example of a POST-INQUIRY LANDING PAGE (PILP).

A post-inquiry landing page is a page that someone is redirected to AFTER filling out the inquiry form on your website.

Post-inquiry landing pages will help you improve conversion. In other words, turn more of the couples who fill out your inquiry form into phone calls, appointments, and ultimately sales. Post-inquiry landing pages IMMEDIATELY start the sales process off in the right direction and if you use them correctly I guarantee they will help you book more weddings (compared to if you do not use them).

  1. Follow the link below to start the demonstration.
  2. Fill in and submit the form on the next page.
  3. You will be redirected to a post-inquiry “landing page” with the 10 elements every PILP page should have.
  4. Note: the links on the post-inquiry landing page do not work and are for demonstration purposes only.
  5. As a little added bonus, I’ve added an auto-responder message that will send you the “10 Elements Every Post-Inquiry Landing Page Should Have” via email – so make sure to use your REAL information in the form or you won’t get it!




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