Use this one-page Marketing Message Optimization Worksheet to fine-tune your marketing and sales presentations, including your website!

Initially, focus on the TOP THREE things couples are most likely looking for when interested in your products or services. You probably have more, but start with the MOST IMPORTANT THREE. Use the back of the worksheet to work through other things couple’s probably want and “must have.”

Use the second column to identify the words you would use – the specific words and phrases that clearly communicate you are there ZERO RISK solution in realizing and experiencing their TOP THREE things.

Now look at your marketing and sales presentations, including the home page at your website (very important). Is everything “lining up” and are you communicating the correct and most important message? Another way of looking at it is: “Are you in synch with what is most important your potential┬ábride and groom client?” Circle the appropriate option/rating of your current situation.

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