The #1 reason brides and grooms leave websites is because of SLOW LOADING PAGES.

Google also considers page load times in its ranking algorithm, with even more attention on MOBILE load times.

One way to decrease your page load times, and to improve your visiting user website experience, is to optimize your images.

Optimization of images means keeping them as small in file size as possible without losing any of the image resolution (clarity and sharpness).

One way to do easily do this if you have a WordPress website is by using an image optimization tool called Smush Image Compression and Optimization (formerly WP Smush). The author is WPMUDEV.ORG, a widely respected WordPress developer.

You’ll find this handy free plugin in the WordPress repository ( or through your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search (top right)

A Pro version is available, but the free version will meet most people’s needs.

In the example below you’ll see the image was reduced by close to 31% without any image degradation.

Optimizing your WordPress website for performance is considered an INTERNET MARKETING BEST PRACTICE and will create a better visitor experience. Better visitor experiences translate BETTER CONVERSION.


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