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A post-inquiry landing page probably one of the TOP 5 MOST IMPORTANT marketing pages at your website.

You can do a lot of things here on your post-inquiry landing page, including:

  • Thanking someone for their inquiry
  • Providing your contact information
  • Telling someone what you are going to do next (and then DO IT)
  • Maybe offer them a “take-away” download (pdf)
  • Providing links to important pages at your website that someone might have missed (ex: FAQs, testimonials page)
  • Maybe put a special offer in front of them to influence their buying decision with you
  • Definitely use some testimonials
  • Use awards and association badges
  • Give someone links to your social media touch points (like a Facebook page or group)
  • … or pretty much anything that helps you move toward a sale!

Here is a link back to the article where we started this topic about post-inquiry landing pages.


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