MARCOM stands for Marketing Communications.

The words you use and how you use them keep couples at your website (vs. back button), keeps them reading, and then turns them from visitors into INQUIRIES (conversion). See image below.

A: Quickly visible, always present, call-to-action and phone number.

B: Appropriate graphic that really sums it up in ONE image. This site is about getting a loan. Clean, crisp image.

C: Brand right up front! Name says it all.

D: First WIIFM message (what’s in it for me).

E: Second WIIFM message, supports first WIIFM and communicates… “we’re ready to go if you are!”

Take a look at your website’s home page today.

Does your marketing message need some work?

Good may get you good results. GREAT will get you great results! #funnyhowthatworks

p.s. OK… not a wedding related website, but a great example of introductory MARCOM.


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