If you use JotForm, the popular online form builder, you might not be getting email notifications when forms are submitted.

That’s right, if you are a JotForm user and someone fills in a JotForm form at your website you might not get the notification.

I recently experienced this myself and as you might guess it’s a BIG PROBLEM – not getting notified when someone fills out and submits the inquiry form at your website.

Here’s what you should do to see if this effects your JotForm account and email notifications from your forms.

(1) Login to your JotForm account.

(2) Go to the right top of the page and click on the profile head, just to the right of PRICING.

(3) This will open a Account information drop-down box.

(4) Select the Account link.

(5) Click on Settings in the left column.

(6) Find the Bounc List dialog box and enter the email address or addresses that should get form submitted notifications – and then the green “Check” box.

(7) If your email address is being blocked, or as they say “bounced,” it will tell you. Follow the instructions to remove it from the bounce list.

I’ve posted some questions to JotForm support via their support forum (they do not have a call-in number, I’m quite sure the company isn’t based in the US).

I’ll post more about this as I unwind this issue. Their initial response to my inquiry was not a practical solution, nor do I believe it worked.

Here are some screen-captures to get you to the check-bounce-list option.








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