CONVERSION is what Internet marketing is all about.

CONVERSION is “where the rubber hits the road.”

CONVERSION at your website is the first step towards a sale.

CONVERSION is what puts money your bank account!

You might have what you think is a great looking website, you might like it A LOT, you might have designed it yourself and people who see it might tell you “it’s great,” but without conversion all of that doesn’t mean a thing.

Conversion is an important concept to grasp. Relative to Internet marketing, it is term that defines a moment in time when someone visiting your website, blog, social media touch points, or reading your email does something – ideally, something that you want them to do.

But not all traffic converts equally.

The quality of your traffic and its source will greatly impact conversion.

That’s worth repeating: The quality of your traffic and its source will greatly impact conversion.

For example, if you own a bridal shop and you advertise your website at the popular online wedding planning resource THEKNOT.COM, the traffic you get from there, known as a “referrer,” is probably a real bride or groom. As a result, that “visitor session” is high-quality and more likely to convert.

On the other hand, if you advertise your bridal shop website at THOUSANDS-OF-FREE-LINKS.COM, it’s pretty fair to say that will NOT be a website that most brides and grooms know about or visit. The few visitor sessions you get, if any, would NOT be considered high-quality traffic and NOT likely to convert well.

Conversion is calculated by taking your total visits and dividing it by total desired actions (total actions/total visits). Let’s say you have an email newsletter subscription page at your website. If that unique page registered 100 visitor sessions and it generated 20 subscriptions, your conversion rate would be 20%.

Let’s say your Google Analytics tells you that 10,000 people visited your ecommerce website last month. If your website generated 500 sales in the same period of time, your conversion rate was 5%.

Let’s do ONE MORE conversion calculation, one that is probably a very common conversion goal at most websites – getting an online inquiry or sales lead. Let’s say 5000 people visited your website in the last 30 days. Of those visitor sessions, which you would know from Google Analytics data, you received 125 inquiries. Your conversion is determined by taking your total online inquiries and dividing it by your visitor sessions. In this case 125 divided by 5000, or a 2.5% conversion.

Conversion is what it’s all about!

Without it, your website and Internet marketing strategy becomes a big black hole and a huge waste of time and money.

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