I’ve never met anyone who works in the wedding industry who wasn’t busy, who didn’t need about three more hours in every day – or two more days in every week!

Since the number of hours in a day is fixed, the only way to get more done each day is by IMPROVING YOUR PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY.

Here are some ideas that will help you increase your personal productivity and improve your overall time-management.

Turn Off Alerts

Personal productivity is adversely impacted by alarms and notifications going off all around you throughout your day. Email notifications, online chat sessions, and social media notifications will sink your productivity faster than the Titanic. Shut off “notifications” on your smartphone and be careful about wasting time on social media. Social media is a huge productivity killer.

“Perfection” Can Significantly Hurt Your Productivity

I’m all about doing an outstanding job and producing the highest quality work, but there is a point where the job (a) has to get done NOW, and (b) is probably more than good enough without any additional delays in its completion. The idea of perfection is a slippery slope, one that leads to tasks and projects taking way too long with virtually no additional benefit associated with it being “perfect.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”

Being a good person and team player doesn’t mean you have to say YES to everything people ask you to do. When you take on too much your overall productivity is adversely impacted. You’ll increase your personal stress, you’ll start missing deadlines, and your overall personal performance will suffer. To increase your own personal productivity you might just have to politely say “I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that right now” and there’s nothing wrong with doing that.

Eat Breakfast

Eating a healthy yet light breakfast (don’t carb up, watch the sugars!) gives your body and your brain the fuel it needs to get you moving productively at the start of your day. You might also try a healthy smoothie or juicing. There are many people who swear by a morning routine of having hot water and lemon, which can energize you and simultaneously has many other healthful benefits.

Are Bad Habits Killing Your Personal Productivity?

What things do you do that adversely impact your ability to stay focused and productive? Get out a piece of paper and do an honest self-evaluation. I know one of the habits I’ve had trouble changing is my two cups of coffee in the morning – with a bagel. I’ve been doing it for years. I convinced myself that coffee “got me going,” but in reality the spike in stimulants and carbohydrates after a refreshing night’s sleep actually hurt my productivity and overall mental focus. I still enjoy two cups of coffee a day, but I start my day with hot water and lemon. I allow myself two bagels a week. These “small adjustments,” or new habits, have had an immediately noticeable and very positive impact on my daily productivity.


You wouldn’t drive your car without oil in the engine, right? Nothing prepares you more for a productive day (or life) than regularly getting a good night of sleep. Seven to eight hours of sleep each night is critically important to your personal productivity and overall health. It’s the oil to your engine!

The Two-Minute Rule

Try keeping your To Do list for the day from getting out of control by completing tasks that take two minutes or less to accomplish immediately when they come up. Just ask yourself the next time you get an email, “Can I respond to this effectively in two minutes or less?” If the answer is YES, then do that task immediately. Things that generally fall into this two-minute immediate response category include voice-mail, email messages, text messages, or confirming appointments that also need to be put into your calendar.

Checking Email

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to responding to email, but in most cases you don’t have to be checking your email every 10 minutes. Actually, if you do, you’ll probably make yourself crazy and you will definitely adversely impact your personal productivity. I recently started using the POMODORO TECHNIQUE throughout my day and work in either 25 or 50-minute increments (mostly 50 minute increments). I use a timer and at the end of each block of time I take a 5 or 10-minute break. During my break I get up away from my desk and use my smartphone to check my email and text messages. I also drink 4-8 ounces of water.

Stay Hydrated

I drink close to a gallon of water almost every day and my body and mind rewards me graciously because of it. Drinking plenty of water will give you more energy and supports better overall health. I drink 8 ounces of water 30 minutes before lunch or dinner and also eat an apple or banana. Both the water and fruit are healthy for me and this routine has the added benefit of cutting down my appetite before meals (it’s a NEW habit and it’s helping me with my weight-loss goal of 4lbs per month over the next 10 months).

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