The people who work for you (or with you) have to work well individually and together like a fine-tuned machine.

If they don’t, issues with productivity and performance quickly manifest themselves. Now you have multiple problems, including issues with:

  • Productivity
  • Performance
  • Quality of Product
  • Increased Costs
  • Profitability

Here are some ideas to improve employee productivity, performance, and product delivery, a Win-Win-Win.

Avoid Micromanagement

Be careful about micromanaging your team members. People who are micromanaged quickly become disgruntled and end up being poor performers. If you constantly find yourself saying “it’s better if I just do it myself,” you probably have the wrong people working for you.

Lead By Example

Be positive and lead by example. Even when there are reasons to be less than positive, try putting a positive spin on things that don’t go as planned. People respect good leaders. People quickly disrespect poor leaders.

Say “Thank You”

Be generous with your praise. When someone on your team does a good job be sure to tell them. Say “Thank you, I appreciate your hard work and what you do for the company.” Positive reinforcement increases motivation and employee morale. It is also FREE. It doesn’t take a dime out of your business checking account!


People feel better about their work, and their workplace in general, when they know what’s going on.

Deal With Unpleasant Staff

Deal with unpleasant staff quickly. Nothing demotivates other people in the workplace faster than an unpleasant or poor performing colleague.

Avoid Criticism

There is a huge difference between helping someone understand how to do a better job and criticizing their work. Most people take criticism personally. Helping people understand how to do their job better is far more motivating. It usually takes more time and effort, but think of it as a good investment!


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