You’ve probably seen “featured snippets” when searching at Google and said to yourself, “Wow, how do I get my web page / website featured like that at Google?”

Welcome to the world of Google “featured snippets,” which are shown at the top of some search engine results pages (SERP) – depending on the search query¬† (usually a “how to” type query).

As you can imagine, if your page shows up as a featured snippet at Google the click-through-ratio is huge.

Ever wondered how to get a “featured snippet” on a Google search engine results page?

Duct Tape Marketing has a great post with details. It’s a little technical, and it takes a lot of work. TINSTAFL (there is no such thing as free lunch).

Important to note: if you’re not a top 5 ranking page already, you are unlikely to be a featured snippet. That said, it still should be part of your SEO strategy, it’s sure nice to show up there and click-through on featured snippets is very high.




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