Close More Sales Using Structured Checklists & Scripts

Did you know that almost all airplane accidents occur as a result of pilots NOT using a checklist, or skipping an item on a checklist?

Even if you’re an experienced SALES PRO, it’s still a good idea to use a checklist or structured script when following up and talking to potential customers on the phone or in person.

It’s VERY easy to skip over an important VALUE that your company offers couples, one that could be exactly what a couple is looking for and ultimately closes the sale!

And everyone in sales should be 100% ready for the inevitable question: “How much does it cost?”

Remember the 5 P’s of sales success:

1. Proper
2. Preparation
3. Prevents
4. Poor
5. Performance

ACTION ITEM: Create a checklist that you can use for sales presentations. It should have a list of important topics to be discussed, features, benefits, social proof, and above all VALUE. In most cases, this should only be a one page checklist – short and on point!


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