Google Analytics is a free website traffic tracking application that you can add to your website. It will give you a lot of information about how people are using your website. If you’re not using Google Analytics it’s easy to add to your website.

My top 5 data points in Google Analytics are:

  1. Visitor Sessions
  2. Returning Visitors
  3. Bounce Rate
  4. Time on Site
  5. Mobile Visits

Today I want to talk about MOBILE VISITS and how to check them using Google Analytics.

It’s a data-point that is a little tricky to find, but you should know what the numbers are.

Here’s how you do it and it will take you less than 5 minutes.

(1) Login to your Google Analytics account (with your Gmail account).

(2) At the top right you can now select a CUSTOM DATA RANGE. The default is your last login custom range or the last 7 days.

(3) Select AUDIENCE from the LEFT column menu options.

(4) Select MOBILE.

(5) Select OVERVIEW.

You can also drill down on DEVICES which will show you more detailed data.

See screen captures below.

If more than 30% of your traffic is visiting your website from a mobile device, and I’ll bet you lunch that it is, the question becomes:

“Is my website creating the appropriate visitor experience for mobile-users?”

An alternative question might be:

“Is the majority of my traffic having a less than favorable experience while visiting my website?”


And then, of course:

“How many lost sales opportunities could be a result of a poor mobile visitor experience?”

I’ll be the first to tell you that your mobile-visitor-experience doesn’t have to be “perfect,” but it does have to be good.

Also keep in mind that Google now gives ranking preference to what it thinks is a mobile-friendly website, particularly if a visitor is searching and using a mobile device, on a search engine results page.

You can test your website’s Google mobile-friendliness at this link:

Next week… I’ll talk about Bounce Rate.

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