Q: Chris, we recently did a major overhaul of our website and a month later we’re a bit worried. Frankly, we expected better results. What do you think is wrong?

A: A lot of things.

A couple is planning the most important day of their lives and a website absolutely must create what I call the “Oh Yes Moment,” a moment shortly after your home page loads that a bride sees and says to herself:

“Oh Yes… this is the website I’ve been looking for.”

Your new website doesn’t create the “Oh Yes” moment. It creates the “Oh Maybe…” moment, but is that going to really work? (Answer: no). If you want to see a website with the “Oh Yes” moment take a look at https://drsmusic.com/

Whoever designed your website doesn’t really understand the wedding industry, marketing to brides and grooms, and arguably Internet marketing in general. Who wrote your marketing copy? It is not good.

Here are a five things that jumped out at me after a quick look at your new website.

  1. Where are the pictures of happy brides and grooms and people having a good time? It looks like you are using stock photography (big NO NO in the wedding industry).
  2. Where are the testimonials or “social proof” on your home page?
  3. Your initial marketing copy talks about how great you are and how many years you’ve been in business. That’s not a good opening message. Brides initially ONLY care about WIIFM – “what are you going to do for me.” If you answer that question very well they will more likely stay at your website and keep reading. Nothing I read was engaging.
  4. There’s no call-to-action on your home page or most of your other pages.
  5. Your entire site is lacking even basic search engine optimization and there are no geographically targeted keywords on your home page. I couldn’t tell where you are located, and neither can brides or grooms who visit your website. I think you are in Connecticut, but it’s really not clear by reading your home page introduction or any of your other pages. Google will also have trouble ranking you for your marketplace because it can’t find geo-targeted keywords.

Fixing these 5 issues would be a good start. Sorry about the bad news.

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