If you want to get more visibility at Google, and get better rankings, it’s important to know if Google sees all of the pages at your website. Here’s how to find out.

This is called “indexing” and it is different from ranking.

If Google SEES the pages at your website they are indexed.

Pages at your website that Google can’t see or for one reason or another find at your website obviously cannot be added to the Google index.

Ranking is something entirely different, but Google can’t rank what it doesn’t see, so indexing is an important first step in the search engine optimization process.

To see how many pages of your website Google has indexed, pages it has actually crawled and added to its database, go to the home page at Google (http://google.com) and in the search box type in:


Click “Google Search” and the results will show all of the pages of your website that Google has in its index.

If there are pages missing, or things don’t look right, the first place to look is Google Webmaster Tools. Login to your Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard and look for error messages from Google.

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