Last week I talked about checking your mobile visitor sessions, or NON-DESKTOP website traffic, using Google Analytics.

Did you take a look? Is your mobile traffic higher than 50%? I bet it was!

This week, continuing with Google Analytics, I’d like you to take a look at your Bounce Rate.

Your Bounce Rate is an important number to know and it will tell you if people are coming to your website and immediately leaving, or staying.

People staying is better than immediately leaving, right?

Google Analytics considers a “bounce” as a one page visit.

In other words, a bride or groom visited your website, took one look, and for some reason hit their back button.

A high Bounce Rate is not a good thing and in almost all cases it indicates something is not working correctly with your website.

A lot of things impact Bounce Rate, including:

  • Hosting performance
  • Website design
  • Visitor-experience
  • Quality of visitor traffic
  • Content
  • Non-mobile-friendly website
  • Following an outbound link (NEVER put outbound links on your homepage, NEVER!)

Checking your Bounce Rate with Google Analytics is easy. See the screen shots below.

(1) Login to Google Analytics

(2) Look for it in the default Dashboard (usually the first screen you see)

or from the Dashboard (left side options)


Alternatively, you can drill down into just about visitor data and see the Bounce Rate on those data-points.

For example, new visitor or returning visitor Bounce Rate. Desktop visitor or mobile visitor Bounce Rate.

Drill down on almost any data-point in Google Analytics and you’ll see what the Bounce Rate for that data-point is.

What’s a good Bounce Rate?

If your bounce rate is under 40% you’re in good shape. Below 25% very good.

In the wedding business anything above 45% is something I think you should take a look at with your webmaster or other qualified Internet marketing professional. A Bounce Rate above 60% is a sure sign of issues that should be addressed.

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