wedding associationCreating & Using Takeaways

Takeaways are something a bride or groom visiting your website can take away from your website.

Used properly they will help you turn more of couples who visit your website into sales.


  • Start the sales process very easily and very effectively
  • Build name and brand recognition
  • Promote your expertise
  • Generate more leads
  • Leads that convert into phone calls, appointments
  • Will help you book more weddings more easily

Course Overview

  1. What is a takeaway
  2. Why do they work so well
  3. Key elements of an effective takeaway
  4. How to create your takeaway content
  5. Four options for delivering a takeaway at your website
  6. Using takeaways on social media
  7. Tools for creating and delivering your takeaway

Do They Work

Yes! Just ask Wedding DJ Joe DeWolf, in Bellingham Massachusetts.

“Chris, the take away you suggested I create is already working (less than two weeks!). I had an inquiry and followed up with our take away. Well she booked me today after shopping around and she mentioned receiving our music suggestions “take away” saying “it sure looks like you know your stuff. Thank you!”

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