20+ Things You Should Know About Using a Facebook Business Page

(1) Post to Facebook consistently throughout the week, at an absolute minimum three times per week. Try to post daily.

(2) When people see an active Facebook business page it leaves a much better impression than a page where the last post was three weeks or three months ago.

(3) Consistency in posting impacts the Facebook algorithm. Your posts are more likely to show up in your follower’s personal feeds if you post consistently.

(4) Your posts are more likely to show up in your follower’s personal feeds if you post more FREQUENTLY.

(5) Tools like Hootsuite allow you to schedule Facebook posts ahead of time and automatically post them on specific dates and times in the future. http://hootsuite.com

(6) Other popular social media management tools include: Buffer (http://bufferapp.com), Meet Edgar (http://meetedgar.com), and Later (http://later.com). At the time of this writing, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Later offer free limited use versions.

(7) The more frequently you post to your Facebook business page the more likely you will build an audience of followers. People are more likely to follow your page if they see that it is active.

(8) Facebook business pages that are stale and outdated may leave a poor impression about your business.

(9) Activity on your page, in the form of fresh posts, will have a positive impact on your brand.  No one eats at a restaurant where the parking lot is empty.

(10) There are three types of engagement possibilities at Facebook. A “like,” a “comment,” and a “share.” A like is good, a comment is better, and the ultimate engagement is when someone shares your post.

(12) Facebook uses post engagement in its ranking algorithm. The more engagement you get on a post the more likely your post will show up in a follower’s feed.

(13) Not all of your posts will show up in your follower’s Facebook feeds, even though they may have “liked” your page. Facebook uses a complex algorithm that determines the likelihood of your post showing up in someone’s personal feed.

(14) The Facebook algorithm is a complex and highly secretive formula. That said, it’s clear that the more likes, comments, and shares that your post gets the more likely it is to be distributed and show up on a follower’s Facebook feed.

(15) Posting high-quality content will attract more followers or “likes” on your business page.

(16) Content that is helpful, interesting, and useful to the reader will promote you as an expert and ultimately results in more followers.

(17) Content that is helpful, interesting, and easy to comprehend also helps you build your brand recognition, brand reputation, and increases your overall online visibility in a positive way.

(18) Your Facebook posts should be easy to read, grammatically correct, and without misspellings or typos.

(19) Facebook posts with typos create a poor impression on your business.

(20) Your Facebook page, and social media in general, is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website, if you regularly include links in your posts.

(21) Posts with attention grabbing graphics will increase the visibility factor when they show up in your follower’s feed.

(22) Avoid Facebook posts to your business page with “third rail” topics like politics, religion, humor, or sexuality.


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