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It really comes down to two things that an engaged couple MUST HAVE in order to move forward and book your wedding services.

Without these two things, you’ll lose sale after sale to a competitor who does these two things better than your wedding business.

Sure, sometimes it’s about the price, but it is ALWAYS about:


Do a great job at creating trust and confidence, as well as solving a couple’s most urgent need quickly and easily, and price may not be an issue at all.

Here are the most effective ways for any wedding business to create trust and confidence.

Increase Your Online Visibility

When engaged couples see your business “everywhere’ it immediately creates awareness, curiosity, as well as an initial confidence. Maybe they found your business listed at WeddingWire, The Knot, or Yelp! Maybe they’ve seen your social channels at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Increasing your company’s online visibility helps to create trust and confidence.

Get Your Website Better Ranked at Google

True or not true, there is an unconsciously implied “this MUST be a good company” when an engaged couple sees a website top-ranked at Google. People generally “trust” Google. Sure, getting top-ranked for any competitive keywords in any geographically competitive marketplaces isn’t easy, but it does help create an initial trust and confidence.

Use More Social Proof

No one likes to make the wrong decision and if you use more of your testimonials, reviews, awards, and memberships in professional associations more effectively you’ll help couples worry less about making a bad decision when they hire your company. In my opinion, Social Proof is the #1 way to quickly and effectively create more trust and confidence in your wedding business. I also put photos/pictures in the “Social Proof” category. Pictures of happy couples with their family and friends having a great time at their wedding have a powerful impact when it comes to creating trust and confidence in your wedding business.

Promote Your Expertise

Offering couples helpful advice in the form of something they can download from your website, a/k/a “a takeaway,” is a great way to promote your expertise and show your willingness to help an engaged couple make a good buying decision. “Takeaways” can immediately create trust and confidence in the minds of an engaged couple! Another way to promote your expertise is through blogging. Blogging also helps your search engine optimization (SEO) and when done properly will help you get better rankings at Google.

Optimize Your Marketing Message

After the initial “first impression” a couple experiences when they get to your website. the words they read, your marketing message, becomes a CRITICAL tipping point. Does your home page marketing message communicate that your business can solve a couple’s most urgent need quickly and easily? If it does, you will immediately create trust and confidence and be more likely to get a website inquiry that turns into a sale.

Follow-up on All Inquiries Promptly

A quick follow-up immediately creates the right impression as well as trust and confidence in your business. Can you connect via phone or text message with an engaged couple who made an inquiry at your website within 30 minutes of them making it? Ten minutes? Prompt follow-ups are another way to create trust and confidence. And if that’s not reason enough, often the first business to follow-up with an engaged couple (who is most likely making multiple online inquiries) is more likely to get the sale!