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“How To” Guidance: Close More Sales Using These 21 Sales Questions

Websites don’t close sales people do. Websites may create interest and educate a potential client, but brides and grooms ultimately buy from a REAL PERSON. Here are 21 questions that will help you optimize and better control your sales presentations. https://iawip.com/21-sales-questions/

Live Chat

Live Chat is now on the MEMBER website. We’re giving it a try. You’ll find it at the bottom right of every page and it will pop-up on you when you visit. We’re testing it now and are thinking of putting it on http://iawip.org. It would be a great way to refer brides and grooms association members.

Promoting Members at Facebook

We use the brand “Daily Wedding Planning Tip” to promote our members online – it’s got a little more “punch” to it with brides/grooms than using International Association of Wedding Professionals. When we promote our members we use direct links to their websites. Right now we are promoting members at Facebook and Instagram. That’s where we think we’ll get the most bang-for-the-effort. You can check it out at Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/DailyWeddingPlanningTip/

All posts use keyword targets and #hashtag targets.

Again, these use direct links to member websites.

Here’s a sample screen-capture.


What is a Post-Inquiry Landing Page

Great question! A post-inquiry-landing page is a page that someone is redirected to AFTER they fill in your inquiry form. Post-inquiry-landing pages will help you book more weddings because they improve conversion. Check it out and learn more at the MEMBERS-ONLY “How To” Guidance: https://iawip.com/post-inquiry-form-landing-page/

International Association of Wedding ProfessionalsNot a Member of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals?

The mission of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals (IAWIP) is to help our members reach more brides and grooms and book more weddings – to more effectively and profitably build their wedding business. We do this by providing support and “how to” guidance. We also actively promote our members online and using social media, helping them get more high-quality traffic to their websites.

Not a member? Request more information at this link.

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