Happy Labor Day!

New Director’s Blog

Welcome to the NEW Director’s Blog! Think of it as a “What’s New” at the association as well as a weekly update with links to stuff we don’t think you’ll want to miss.

Member Login

We’ve reorganized the top MAIN NAVIGATION throughout the website to include a link labeled: FOR MEMBERS. That’s a good place to start and includes a link to the member login page.

New Website for Member Directory Listings

We’ve moved the MEMBER DIRECTORY to its own website at http://iawip.org. We’re doing this for a couple reasons. First, http://iawip.org has a different and more appropriate “look and feel,” specifically for brides and grooms. Think of it as our “for brides and grooms” website. This site that you are on now, https://iawip.com, is our member education site. Think of it as our “for members-only” website. All member directory listings are optimized with search engine friendly keyword-rich copy as well as inbound links, also known as “back-links,” directly to our member’s website. Google sees these search optimized pages and the links and they will help our member’s visibility and rankings at Google. Follow this link for information about back-links: https://iawip.com/backlinks-key-ranking-factor-google/

Book More Weddings Tip of the Day Archive

The Book More Weddings Tip of the Day archive is a MEMBERS-ONLY benefit. There are dozens of tips here, each designed to help you understand something more clearly, help you with your Internet marketing, sales, or business operations. https://iawip.com/category/tip-of-the-day/

The Help Desk Is Open 24/7/365

The Help Desk is open 24/7/365. If you have a question or are stuck trying to figure out something, open a Help Desk ticket. We’ll follow-up with you via email and if necessary schedule a time to get on the phone with you. This is a member-only benefit. No other wedding industry association offers this benefit – please take advantage of it. https://iawip.com/helpdesk/

“How To” Guidance: Get Better Results From Facebook

Just posted, for Members-Only, two examples of EXCELLENT Facebook posts. Use this “How To” Guidance when creating your own posts at your Facebook business page. https://iawip.com/facebook-post-example-01/

wedding associationsNot a Member of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals?

The mission of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals (IAWIP) is to help our members reach more brides and book more weddings – to more effectively and profitably build their wedding business. We do this by providing support and “how to” guidance. We also actively promote our members online and using social media, helping them get more high-quality traffic to their websites.

Not a member? Request more information at this link.

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