A lot of people blame The Knot (TK) or WeddingWire (WW) after they pay for advertising and don’t get very good results.

I’m not going to let them off the hook entirely, because I think there are definitely issues at both of these sites, the least of which is vendor over-saturation and how they tier advertisers.

But a lot of the time the problem getting a good return-on-investment (ROI) with these sites, or say with Google Adwords, isn’t with the advertising tool.

The problem is with your website.

While some brides/grooms may fill out inquiry forms at TK/WW, I think they’re more likely to go and visit your website. Even if they do fill in the inquiry form at TK/WW, it’s not unlikely that they next will check out your website.

If your current website doesn’t do a good job of converting quality traffic into visitors you have a problem. You might want to reconsider doing ANY PAID ADVERTISING until you fix your website.

I know a local restaurant that has an incredible Head Cook and great menu. Their prices are fair too! The problem they have is that after taking a quick look at the outside of the restaurant you’d probably never go in. First impressions mean everything in the wedding industry, right?

This restaurant probably loses thousands of dollars in sales weekly. I’ve even started going to another place that looks better from the outside and also has a great cook and menu.

Because… that’s how it works!

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