Links that don’t work properly at your website create a poor visitor experience and can leave a bad impression on your business. Bad or “broken” links will adversely impact your conversion. (i.e. inquiries).

Often when a bride/groom experiences a bad link they will just leave your website. Plus, why would you want to make them fish around to find what they are looking for?

Google also sees broken links and they don’t like them either. Bad links can adversely impact your visibility and ranking with Google.

There are a number of reasons bad links occur. The most common is poor website management, either as an oversight or incompetence.

Whatever the reason, bad links, also known as 404 errors, are fairly easy to fix.

First, you’ll want to find them. That’s easy with this free tool.

Second, you’ll want to put in a catch-all tool in place to redirect 404 errors when and if they do occur.

If you have a WordPress website you can install and configure this free plugin.

Rated: 4.3 Stars, 90,000+ installs.

ACTION: (1) check for broken links at your website, (2) install a plugin that will allow you to redirect a bride/groom who experiences a 404 error at your website instead of just an ugly message that says “Page Not Found.”

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