All of the major email service providers prohibit broadcast mailing to the bridal show “lists” that you may get from a bridal show producer. It also may be against the law, particularly in Canada.


Here are three things you can do to BUILD YOUR OWN permission-based email list as part of your participation at a bridal show.

1) Have a Contest

Give away something and put out a fishbowl with an entry form. Buy some promotional pens and let people use those to fill in the form – and then keep the pen! Email address is required, as is a phone number.

2) Offer a “Take Away”

Offer couples something you will send them via email, also referred to as a “take away.” They can either fill out a short form (like #1) and you will email it to them after the show, or have a computer at the show with a splash page that they can fill-out. The take away is automatically and instantly sent to them via email.

You can build lead collecting pages easily using JotForm, Leadpages, or Optimize Press.

3) Hand Out a Colorful Upscale Postcard

Hand out a special postcard with a link to a special “Bridal Show Only” offer at your website. Get qualified couples to your website where you can capture their contact information, including their email address and phone number.

Use a special page URL that you can track via Google Analytics. Something like:

Upscale postcards can be easily made online at Vistaprint.

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