Avoid These Common Mistakes

Over the next few issues of the Book More Weddings Tip of the Day I’m going to talk about the common mistakes I often see when I look at websites. Compare these against your website to see if there is an opportunity for improvement and better conversion (i.e. more inquiries!).

One of the goals of every website should be to get people to “drill down” into sub-pages. Your home page by itself isn’t likely to generate an inquiry. The best performing websites have multiple pages, including (at a minimum) an About page, Applause/Testimonials page, Pricing page, photo galleries, and detailed information about each of the services you offer. Multiple pages also help your search engine visibility.

The main navigation at the top of your website should link to these pages, but don’t forget to use links in your home page text that allow a visitor to “drill down” deeper in your website. In other words, as a visitor is reading your home page can they easily click a link in the text they are reading to get to the other pages at your website?

Using multiple text links in your home page copy to sub-pages is a BEST PRACTICE and allows you to have better control over what people do at your website, and what pages they visit.

If I visit your website today, how easy do you make it for me to get to the sub-pages?
Chris Jaeger
Founder & Executive Director
International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals

(978) 325-2983

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