Google sees links to YOUR website from other websites as a vote-of-confidence and it plays a large role in the Google ranking algorithm. These links are commonly referred to as “back-links” or “inbound” links.

Links from other sites to your site create two things that Google loves: AUTHORITY and TRUST.

The logic in a simple sense is: Why would someone link to your website if they didn’t think it was good?

But buying hundreds of inbound backlinks to your website (which you can do) isn’t a good strategy.

Slowly building your backlinks over time is the best strategy. Google is watching very carefully.

Finally, inbound / backlinks from THEMATICALLY SIMILAR websites are the best type to get.

Assuming your website is wedding related, a link from your friend’s auto-body shop doesn’t have as much Google SEO link value as a link from another wedding vendor’s website in your marketplace (category: weddings, marketplace: same as yours). Exchanging links with other wedding vendors you meet in your marketplace has HUGE VALUE.

Members of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals get MULTIPLE inbound / backlinks with their directory listing, which is completely optimized for SEO and targeted to an appropriate keyword/phrase.

250x250-iawip-join-today-02Not a Member of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals?

The mission of the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals (IAWIP) is to help our members reach more brides and grooms and book more weddings – to more effectively and profitably build their wedding business. We do this by providing support and “how to” guidance. We also actively promote our members online and using social media, helping them get more high-quality traffic to their websites.

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