If you have a blog post that is mostly or entirely photos it won’t have TEXT for Google to see.

Google primarily ranks text.

What Google can’t see it can’t (a) index, and of course (b) rank.

Google uses text to determine a RELEVANCY that matches the search performed. It primarily determines and assigns RELEVANCY by reading or “crawling” the text on your pages. This is one of the reasons it’s very important to have a website design that is “crawler” friendly.

If your page has no text, or very little text, it makes it much harder for Google’s algorithm to determine RELEVANCY.

Yes, Google uses other variables in its ranking algorithm, but text is a very heavily weighted variable.

Don’t believe me?

Find a page that is top ranked without the associated keywords used to search on the page. You won’t.

A big part of SEO boils down to having keywords/phrases on your pages that “match the search” performed by a bride/groom who is using Google.

It’s not rocket science!

Here’s the scenario.

Barry Frankel owns Island Fresh Photography in Maui, Hawaii. He’s a wedding photographer in a very competitive marketplace.

The pages at his website are mostly images, photo galleries. There was some text, but it nothing that was going to get the attention of Google.

Goal: Create a more Google SEO friendly page by weaving in the appropriately targeted keywords into blog posts.

How It Was Done: In this example the targeted keyword phrase was: wedding photographers in Maui. Other secondary keyword/phrase targets included: wedding photography, wedding photographer, wedding photos, and portrait photographer on Maui.



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