I read an interesting article today that said traffic to most Facebook business pages is down – WAY down. Some predict it as much as 70% down from previous levels.

And I believe it.

I think there are three reasons.

(1) Facebook is not “pushing” your business page posts to people who have previously “liked” your page. You might be saying “well, they liked my page, they want to see my posts, Facebook should be showing it to them, right?”

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works at Facebook.

This is all about revenue generation for Facebook. If you want more people to see your posts you’ll have to pay. You can either “boost” a post or use the Advertising Manager tools.

In my experience, with proper set-up (i.e. targeting) and a compelling offer (i.e. a takeaway), Facebook advertising delivers a positive ROI.

I believe Facebook is a lot more predictable and will CONSISTENTLY generate more inquiries when compared to some of the traditional places we think of when advertising and marketing to brides and grooms (WeddingWire, The Knot, Google Adwords).

(2) Most people using a Facebook business page are making mistakes, BIG MISTAKES.

First, you must have a strategy, plan, and system to generate post content. You can’t just post “stuff” on your Facebook page and expect it to deliver results (which is what I see 99% of the time).

It takes high-quality content that someone reading will ENGAGE with and convert. Engage means a “LIKE,” “COMMENT,” or “SHARE.” Convert means they click on a link in your post that goes to your website (or do something else you want them to do).

Engagement is a Facebook algorithm variable. The more engagement a post gets the more likely it is to show up in a follower’s feed.

It’s a lot of work. There’s no free lunch. But doing something correctly always delivers better results than doing things incorrectly or ineffectively.

(3) Instagram is huge and has gained a lot of momentum with brides and grooms. It’s easy to use, it’s visual, there are less distractions on a screen. It’s also focused on the mobile experience, which we all know is HUGE these days.

So what can you do?

(1) Make a commitment to “amp up” your social media marketing. Doing it correctly will give you a favorable ROI.

(2) Create a 90 day strategy and content plan.

(3) Create and post high quality and interesting information that your target audience will say “Wow, that’s great!”

(4) Focus on “engagement” with your audience and then driving traffic to your website or other contact points.

(5) Measure everything using Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.

(6) Use high-quality large graphics (bigger than 700 pixels wide). Use LOTS of them.

(7) Use “social proof.”

(8) Always use Facebook Marketing Best Practices to avoid wasting time and effort.



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