Here are probably the 6 biggest reasons websites in the wedding industry don’t get more inquiries.

(1) No traffic, weak traffic, or poor quality traffic.

(2) Your inquiry form isn’t working properly. It happens all the time. I spoke with someone yesterday and they told me they hadn’t received an inquiry from their website in more than two weeks. I tested the form and the inquiry form didn’t work properly. Ouch!

(3) Your email isn’t working properly.

(4) There are typos throughout your website. Typos are unprofessional and can be easily translated into a poor reflection on the quality of your business and the services and products you offer. It leaves a bride/groom thinking, “If you can’t get it right on your website, why should I think you will on my special day?”

(5) The look and feel of your website doesn’t communicate that you can provide the level of service a bride/groom is looking for. Amateur do-it-yourself type websites under-perform most professionally designed websites. It boggles my mind why people in the wedding industry think they can create their own websites without any design, programming, or marketing communications expertise.

(6) A poor marketing message kills inquiries. Ineffectively communicating a unique value proposition (UVP) and a strong WIIFM message (i.e. what’s in it for me) is one of the biggest reasons a bride/groom will leave a website.

(7) Lack of social proof. Brides and grooms like to see testimonials, reviews, ratings, awards, and membership in professional associations in your marketing message. It creates a psychological confidence that is more likely to lead someone to make an inquiry.


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