Getting better results from your marketing, sales, and Internet marketing is an ongoing process of tweaking and optimization. Here are 20+ things you can do that will help you book more weddings.

☐ Follow up on inquiries faster. Can you follow-up in less than 30 minutes? Maybe even faster? When you do this it leaves a powerful first impression and in today’s competitive marketplace it will help you close more sales.

☐ Follow-up on the PHONE. Millennials might like texting, but sales are closed on the phone or in person. People buy from people. Even if you don’t reach the person, and have to leave a message, a phone call has a lot more impact than an email or text message.

☐ Your website should make someone WANT to talk to you on the phone. Does it?

☐ Don’t give up. 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 8th contact. If you quit after two or three follow-up attempts you’re handing a lot of sales to your competition. See:

☐ Optimize your website for conversion using FOSTER as a guideline. FOSTER stands for: first impression, opening text message, social proof, trust, emotional engagement, respond promptly. Upgrade the look and feel of your website. Does it properly represent your business, or give the impression “price shopping is welcome here.” Maybe it’s time for a website overhaul? See:

☐ Upgrade your brand. Is it time for a new logo, colors, fonts, etc.

☐ Use a lot of “social proof” in all of your marketing. Testimonials, reviews, and ratings will turn more of your website visitors into inquiries and sales.

☐ Improve and optimize the marketing message throughout your website. Does your website clearly communicate a “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) message? What is your unique value proposition (UVP)? Are you effectively using a call-to-action (CTA) throughout your website?

☐ Sell the “sizzle.” People in almost all situations buy based on emotion. After that, they justify their moving forward decision based on logic. Logic closes, emotion sells.

☐ Your social media feeds should largely match your core marketing message. Again, WIIFM, UVP, CTA, and the SIZZLE.

☐ Use a “takeaway” at your website, something visitors can download. See:

☐ Use social media more effectively. Post high-quality helpful information and don’t forget to link back to your website. Post your reviews and testimonials to your social media touch points as you get them. See:

☐ Use large colorful, clear, sharp graphics when posting to social media. Avoid stock photography!

☐ Post consistently to social media, AT LEAST 3x a week. 95% of your posts should include a link back to your website.

☐ Start a series of blog posts “Why I Chose <Your Company Name> with pictures and testimonials from past clients. It’s even better if you can get past clients to answer the question: “Why I Chose…” Here’s an example and it works great:

☐ Get your website page one / top ranked at Google. Being top ranked means more traffic to your website, but there is also an underlying psychology associated with being top ranked – top ranked sites are often perceived by consumers as better businesses.

☐ Start blogging. Blogging properly promotes you as an expert and builds your brand. Blogging is also an important part of an overall search engine optimization strategy (i.e. fresh content and keywords for Google to see!).

☐ Promote other vendors at your website (using a blog) and they are more likely to refer business to you. Think of it as “virtual networking.” This type of goodwill can also help you get on a “Preferred Vendor” list. If you blog about another wedding business be sure to let them know that you did (i.e. send them an email with a link to the blog post).

☐ Make sure there is a call-to-action at the bottom of all the content on the pages at your website. Use buttons, text, and/or a combination of both.

☐ Use a testimonial with your call-to-action for even bigger impact! See how this is done at the bottom of this blog post:

☐ Use a post-inquiry landing page with your website inquiry form (

☐ Create and implement a traffic building strategy. Hoping and waiting for brides and grooms to find you online is a losing strategy. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is by using your social media assets more effectively.

☐ Improve your offline networking. Remember: “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows YOU.”

☐ Join a LOCAL wedding association. If you don’t have one in your area, start one!

☐ Improve the effectiveness of any print advertising you do and drive traffic to your website using a special offer “available now at our website.”

☐ Improve the ABOUT page at your website. Tell your story. Brides and grooms love a great story. People buy from people. Your ABOUT page is one of the most important pages at your website. See:

☐ Use Google Analytics to see what pages people are visiting at your website. You may be surprised at what you learn. Configure GA to automatically send you weekly traffic reports via email.

☐ Make sure your website is mobile-responsive. 50% or more of your traffic today is probably visiting your website from a mobile device. Improving the “user experience” will lead to more inquiries and more sales. Check your mobile visits using Google Analytics. Here’s how you do it:

☐ Review your inquiry form and make sure it’s easy to fill out from a mobile device. Long forms on mobile devices adversely impact conversion. Try it yourself from your own mobile device!

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