We’ve all heard the term “elevator” speech, a brief and persuasive speech that is used to spark interest in what your company does.

According to the “experts” it is supposed to be about 30 seconds in length.

The problem is, 30 seconds is a LONG TIME to talk about yourself (or your business), at least initially, to someone you are just meeting for the first time.

Most people don’t want to listen to you for 30 seconds – at least not right away.

And talking about yourself for 30 seconds can easily come off as “this person has a huge ego (and is a #%#@).”

I’ve seen a lot of “elevator speeches” go down in flames!

My twist on the elevator speech is the “10-20-30 speech,” and I think it’s a more effective way to present yourself and engage someone in an ongoing conversation about your business.

It’s still about 30 seconds, but carefully broken down into 10 second orchestrated pieces.

Here’s how I’ve done it for years and it works GREAT.

Create a 10 second “speech.” This is short and if you stopped after this the person would know what they need to know about your business. Think about it almost as a “teaser.”

If I ONLY gave you 10 seconds to tell me what you do this would do it COMPLETELY.

After delivering your “10 second speech” you’ll probably pause for a moment. The person or people you are talking to is/are going to react in some way, shape, or form. In addition to what they say, watch their body language, watch what their eyes do.

If they don’t sound interested, ask them what they do.

If they sound and look interested, move forward.

Now create a follow-up that is about another 10 seconds.

Then create a follow-up 10 seconds that goes for the close or a referral.

Combined, the “10-20-30 speech” creates a “flow” that is more likely to leave a great first impression as well as keep the conversation going.

A “10-20-30 speech” is a created and practiced system that works far more effectively than a loosy-goosy elevator speech when someone asks you:

“What do you do?”


“Tell me about your company?”

Here’s an example:

“Hi Chris, what do you do?”

“I’m a Professional Disc Jockey who specializes in weddings. I help brides and grooms have absolutely incredible wedding receptions. The kind where people dance all night!”

“Wow, that’s cool. How long have you been doing that?

“I’ve been in business for over 12 years. I’ve worked for hundreds of brides and grooms in the Boston area. It’s great to see newly married couples with their family and friends having a great time, dancing and celebrating – and that’s what I make happen.

“Yes, I went to a wedding recently and the DJ was horrible.”

“Unfortunately, I hear that too often. As you’d probably agree, hiring a Professional is likely a better idea for a very special occasion like a wedding reception? You don’t get a re-do. Do you know anyone getting married who is looking for great music and entertainment for their wedding reception?




p.s. Your “10-20-30 speech” can also be used for a first phone conversation or even an initial email follow-up.


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